Monday, March 21, 2011

Ok, Miss Darcy, Let's Talk About What Really Happened Here During Spring Break!

As you know The Maven and Miss Darcy were here for about a week during their spring break.  At times Miss Darcy's brother, Meeko, was with us as well.

Look at the serene innocence portrayed in this photo!

Well, I know we don't live at the beach, but somehow this house became Spring Break Party Central "Darcy Style".  I'm surprised Bad Blair (our favourite Canadian Kitteh!),  didn't show up!

You can read about Darcy's "version"  right here, if you have the nerve to click! 

But, truth be told, this is what really happened...

Oh, sure, the faces were innocent:


But their blatant takeover  of the Boston household was anything but innocent, it was a reign of terror:

It started with the poor, innocent Bostons' sacred Domain.

Litter boxes, cat carriers, and OMG - a cat tree! The horror!

And spread throughout the house.  Even to MY SPACE:

"Heh, heh, heh, Meeko.  See?  I told you it would be easy."

Just look at how Mr. Meeko is sitting on The Boston Lady's chair AND intimidating sweet Sadie! Shocking!

And then, the ultimate insult:  the takeover of MY desk!

Now! Make your move! We will surround my unsuspecting MeeMaw!

They obviously let their spring break status go straight to their heads!

"We" were not amused.  In fact "we" were annoyed:

Bumby assessing the situation and ensuing chaos... I actually think she is working a secret incantation to get rid of them.  "Shazaam! Begone Kittehs!"

We had to kick Meeko out (okay, he went home with his mom - but hey, I'm going for the dramatic here) and things started getting a little blurry and a little crazy:

Meeko?  Meeko? Come on! This is our time to dominate!

Reality sets in: Miss Darcy starting to freak out because her "partner in crime" has fled the scene.

But did that stop her? Bwahahahahahaha..... No!

Mayhem ensued as The Maven included Darcy in her birthday celebrations at Boston Manor (warning - we are a rowdy bunch here and some readers may be offended by the ensuing "celebrations") :

Oh Yeah! Pink bag! It doesn't get better than this!!

I can do anything I want at Meemaw and Pop-Pop's!  I can throw my toys wherever I want!  It's spring break! Yeehaw!

Meanwhile, "Pop-Pop" and Sadie take refuge:
Our lives are exciting enough without THAT Darcy adding to it!

Panda collapses in utter exhaustion - in Darcy's bed! Oh the indignity and the horror!

"Please, please, just let it be over..."

And Susie. Just where were you Susie during all of this debauchery?

So, she got to you too..... this picture needs no explanation.

No wonder Miss Darcy looks so happy and smug:

We are all obviously under her control...

Uh Oh, summer is in a couple of months.  I need to start preparing NOW!

Boston Lady out!

And if you have time, take a look at my previous post about my very interesting and adventurous "little" brother.  Yesterday was his birthday!

Ok, so now, really, Boston Lady out!


Chatty Crone said...

Okay now this was funny and quite a wild spring break - hope there was no drinking involved except for water (just kidding). sandie

Annesphamily said...

Oh my, you have has your hands full!The different expressions say it all! Those kitty cats can try to psych out the poor dogs! I loved the photos!

Angela said...

Run for the hills! They've taken over the house! lol Gotta say I love your desk and chair! I'm sure it was a wild, wild week with all of those different personalities at your house! Whew!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Janie Fox said...

too cute. A total "cat"asrophe!!

Home In The Hollow said...

Cats rule the roost no matter where they are!...:)JP

Mango said...

Poor Sadie. What a nightmare. However will she survive the summer?


Mr. Connor said...

What a wild week. Sorry I miseed being there , NOT !

Claudia said...

The hijinks put any college spring break to shame! Love the photos and poor Sadie! What she has to put up with!


Orlando Grandma said...

When the young cats visit, the Boston's household takes a different personaly, I know I have been there. It is intersting to say the least.

Olive Cooper said...

That is my kinda spring break. Clovis approves of course. I hope you are recovering.

Linda said...

OH that Darcy! She knows how to party! LOL! Very funny post!