Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alert the Media! Darcy's First Time Outside!

Our favorite grandkitty, Miss Darcy, had her first outdoor adventure while she stayed with us this past week!

Our cats have mainly been inside cats, but we have always let them outside under supervision so they can explore their natural feline instincts.  Eventually they get old enough (and some of us think sensible enough) to go out for awhile in the mornings and evenings and not leave the backyard.

Of course, Darcy is not near that stage yet as she doesn't live here full time, but she enjoyed her first taste of the outdoors and the bostons after they have had tennis ball time.

Who wouldn't be slightly cautious when this face is sitting in the grass?

Nevertheless, Miss Darcy put a brave paw forward and explored.

I'll let her tell you how it a went down:

Do I dare go out to where that "post-tennis-ball" face lies?

Oh, yes I do!  I've seen it all here at Boston Manor and those dogs don't faze me at all!

Well.... maybe I took that a little too fast. That is one scary face! She's not like that on the inside!

I'll check out the patio and it's surroundings. 

I sure hope they won't have to use this electricity-maker during storm season this year.  I'm told it's very noisy and I am soooooo sensitive.

I'll just stretch out for a bit and relax.
As if I can with that flaming torch thing looming above me. What is with these people?

I will remain unflappable. Look I'm so relaxed I am even taking a leisurely bath...

It must be safe to venture out again, Sadie seems to be relaxing with the guy who feeds me bacon in the morning - have I got him trained!

I'll get out there quickly while THEY are busy with other things.

Holy Catnip! That Sadie sure moves fast! When can I have the yard to myself?? Never, according to Aunt Bumby.

Guess it's time to head in and reclaim my throne.

Aaaahhhhhh. Now, all is right with Princess Darcy's world. Meow!

Next time I will know what to expect!
Miss Darcy out!


Janie Fox said...

cute. I could kiss those Boston faces again and again.

KarenSue said...

Lola B started out as an inside kitty now she only goes out at night. We have farrell cats all around and Cathy know, down the street is trapping them. It's the only humane thing to do. The only thing is all the cats want to be Lola's friend so they hang in our yard. We send Bailey out to chase them away. We put a pretty sparkley collar on Lola and she's lost it twice now. Short story long, Lola should be an inside kitty.

Orlando Grandma said...

It looked like a good outdoors experience for experience for Miss Darcy. The owners of the Mannor seem to have enjoyed the experience too.

Wendy Weissmueller said...

It was a fun time had by all.more outside adventures to come!

Chatty Crone said...

That was such a cute afternoon with the pets - looked like they all had a nice time - got along fine - did some exploring - and all in all things worked out great!

Mr. Connor said...

Never a dull moment. Could a book be coming ~ " The Adventures of Ms. Darcy." ? What a story htta would be !

Linda said...

This is such a cute post...they all look like they are enjoying the yard!