Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sun + Rain = Flowers

We've been getting a good bit of rain lately and this is rewarding us with good flower and plant growth around Boston Manor.

I'm not much of a gardener, so when things grow well, they grow because they happened to be placed in the right spot or it rains just the right amount.

Anyway, here are a few of the pretty things we are seeing lately:

This is a gorgeous blossom that shows up once a year on the varigated ginger plants we have in the backyard.  They have suffered in the last year, but still valiantly produced these beautiful orchid-like blossoms.

I thought the Plumbgo would never blossom!  Everyone else it the neighborhood has huge beautiful bushes and mine have been pitiful, but since I only planted them last year I suppose I should be proud they are still alive.

I thought they would have filled this whole space by now!

I never knew clover could have blooms like this!  This plant is a warrior and survives no matter what it's put through.

The usual favorite, impatiens...

From a hanging basket above my problem children, the bromeliads.  What started out as a medium sized potted bromeliad has turned into land of the bromeliads.  I have given tons of these away - anyone else want them? Love shade and water, but are practically indestructible!

It's time to thin these babies out - it's a prickly job.  I deliver!

Take a look at this little air plant that has fallen from the oak trees.  These are all over the place.

You can see the bud shoots spraying out from the center.  So pretty.

My crape myrtle are bowing with the weight of the rain today - they will need a trim away from the house this week.

Here are a couple more problem children.

No, not the BTs (altho they can be brats at times). I'm talking about my massive hedges behind the bromeliads.  They are a huge challenge to trim, but that will be happening soon too.  If they get too tall, then it is an even bigger job.

Take a look at the jungle that is behind us.

Which part? You may ask. Well where all the tall trees are.  We are so fortunate to have this lovely wooded area up against our backyard, but it is literally like fighting an encroaching jungle in the middle of summer.  Those trees will eventually be heavy with vines and kudzu and they end up looking like huge dinosaurs by September.  I will have to remember to take a picture of that area when it's at it's peak.

Speaking of a peak, here's a pee at my sweet little rose bloom on my rose plant out front.  It's the only rose bush I've managed not to, ahem, kill.  I've stopped doing "rose" things to it and it just does fine on it's own.  I get many blossoms from this little bush.

Are you still awake?  One last shot of my super-huge staghorn fern, Bananas.  It started out as one small "horn" and in seven years has grown into one big Banana.  Why the name Bananas?  That's what they like to eat - the skins anyway.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  We are having a rainy one, but we are happy with that!


Doris Sturm said...

Oh, what lovely blossoms, especially the Ginger blossom. I have some Ginger lilies too, but mine won't bloom till the end of summer or beginning of fall and they are all white with no yellow in the center. Don't they smell magnificent?

It's amazing what a little rain can do. Everything just sprouts up and out and mushrooms come forth from the ground - it's like everything has been waiting for the water....

Have a great weekend,
Doris (and Gizzy)

SueBee said...

Love all this rain! My yard is full also. Your's is looking good.
Yes, to lunch next week!

Chatty Crone said...

Everything just bloomed and opened up with the rain? Your yard is so pretty - I love flowers!

Olive Cooper said...

They are gorgeous. We have had rain too and I am happy for it. I have twelve plant and two trees to plant in the morning if I can go to sleep. Have a lovely Sunday. ♥O

Janie Fox said...

your place looks so pretty. I think I love the jungle!
It has rained here again. My plants are loving it but it throws the haying into a mess. Have a great Sunday!!

Mr. Connor said...

Looks very good for someone who claims to know nothing about plants. WE ~ the state of Florida ~ need lots of rain ~ a little at a time . Have been dry for a long time.

Mr. Tennis said...

The joys of subtropical living.

Linda said...

I love seeing all of your beautiful plants, Ann...they are so different than ours! The ginger does look like pretty! My favorite is the crepe myrtle, we used to have it in CA. Your yard is so green and cracked me up with the problem child photo!