Thursday, August 25, 2011

Off The Strip for Dinner

Did you guess where we are staying?  Here's another hint:

And yes, there are lions everywhere, not just in the lobby, although they are my favorite thing about this massive 5500 room hotel.

(photo credit goes to Mr. Tennis' iphone which takes fabulous pictures)

Pretty, pretty lobby.

And our room is ultra-cool, which is good in a super hot/dry climate.

First night here we explored a bit, and ended up at an "old" Las Vegas hangout for dinner.  The gentleman who sat beside me on the plane told me about this little restaurant that used to be frequented by the infamous "Rat Pack" among others.  It took us awhile, but we found it.

It was so off the beaten path that we weren't even sure we were at the right place, especially when confronted with a plain front door without a lot of adornment.

But, when we walked in we knew we had hit pay dirt.

Lots of stuff hanging from the ceiling.

Celebrity pictures lining the walls.

One of Orlando Grandma's favorite performers had been there!

And these wonderfully displayed little liquor bottles collected for who knows how many years.

And this was just one wall!


And last, but not least, Uncle Johnny had been a regular!

He was good friends with the original owner and when we told the current owner that we had the same last name he told us, "Oh yes. He used to hang out here a lot with Battista!".

Here they are in a late picture together.

The food was generous and tasty and they provide free wine with any dinner purchase - a plus for us!

The dinner's are actually even more reasonable than this menu shows.  It seems to vary by whatever day or decade you are there! De-lish either way.

There's even an accordian player (named Gordie- we think he is an original to the place) who strolls around and plays some italian favorites. (And BTW he is standing up next to a seated Mr. Tennis)

Good food, good value, good ambiance, and a taste of old Las Vegas off the strip, just go to the corner of Flamingo and Audrie, right beside Bally's! I think we will be back!

Wait until you see what we did on Wednesday!


SueBee said...

OMGoodness! You are making me want to go to Vegas! I have never wanted to before. Can't wait to see what you did on Wednesday..
Keep having fun!!

Razmataz said...

Next time I go to Vegas, I plan to check out the old strip (the real vegas). Seeing this makes me want to go back and uncover the old charm.

Mr. Connor said...

Holy cow did you ever get lucky. That was quite the adventure into the old LV ~ with good food and everything !

centerofgravity said...

I'm with SueBee. I've never wanted to go to Vegas before either but this does sound like fun. Continue to enjoy your trip in between your convention classes etc.

Janie Fox said...

have fun. we were there a year ago in the Spring. Have you seen any shows? I loved Jersey Boys, the Rat Pack. Tony and Tina's wedding....

Olive Cooper said...

That is the kind of place we like to find. I am so glad you found it and enjoyed it. Have fun!

Chatty Crone said...

You are definitely having fun and seeing some really cool things.

I think you meet up with your son soon!

Orlando Grandma said...

This blog took me back to the 60s when we lived in Vegas, what a treat, Tony Benett, J. Weissmueller, can't get any better.