Monday, July 25, 2011

Dessert Please!

We have had a busy weekend with the future bride and groom in town. 
 Bridal Shower. "Meet the Nearlyweds" at a get together at my house.  Lots of fun, food and idea spinning!

About a month ago an idea was sprung by Suebee,  that it would be special to have the wedding cake served on a mix of vintage dessert plates.  She had some to lend us.
.  Her business partner, Kathy had some - no "some" is not the word. Sixty-one plates she's lent us from her own collections! 

Along with the 25 Suebee is lending us and the measly few I've collected on various excurions with CG and Country Mouse we have a total of 112.

I can rest on my laurels for awhile until we get a final head count for the wedding reception and I have about 15 more here in my cabinets that could come out in a pinch.

And the Bridal shower?  This sweet banner made by one of the bridesmaids says it all:

Several lovely days have been had by all.

Thanks to all my friends that have been helping me gather and lending me treasures for this very special wedding!  You are all so appreciated! I'm glad Sammy, my FDIL got to meet all of you!


Janie Fox said...

Mags friend did this... so cute.

Sue said...

Love the table settings!!

Take care, Sue

Angela said...

Those are some beautiful plates! I've been collecting the antique clear glass party plates for a few years. I use them for my daughter's birthday parties. The girls love it. I just bought 4 more with the cups that are shaped like apples for $3 last week! squeal! I'm a party plate addict and I can't help it! l ol

Have a Great Week!

Kit said...

What a great idea about the vintage plates! It is going to be so lovely. Kit

Chatty Crone said...

This is going to be one special wedding!

Mr. Connor said...

One special wedding and the excitement will continue to GROW !

Olive Cooper said...

Ann, these plates are so pretty and are so full of charm. What a special wedding this will be. ♥O

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hi Ann,

I am absolutely in love with the idea of using vintage plates to serve cake on.

You know what else I am really excited about. You won the Celadon Home artwork!

Please email me your contact information.

Anonymous said...

WOW you got wonderful friends!
Looking forward to seeing you put these beauties to work.Can't wait to see the photo's.

Kathy said...

Enjoyed meeting Lindsey yesterday, she is such a doll!!! Wow....can't believe we collected 61 plates~ and I have 18 more. I think you can relax now! Lol See you soon!

Linda said...

OH I love this idea! And it's even sweeter to have so many pieces coming from good friends!

Orlando Grandma said...

It was so much fun being part of the weekend celebration. The get together took me back to our baketball days,it was great to see old friends and to meet new ones, great idea.

Anonymous said...

So very nice of you to visit my blog. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. These plates are gorgeous! I know the wedding will be very special indeed!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

What a wonderful idea and how sweet of friends to lend their precious dishes to you!

SueBee said...

It's getting close!!! The plates are just what I envisioned...And I love the idea for the candles! I'm home with the topper...let's do lunch this week!!