Thursday, July 7, 2011

Palm Beach County - Dog (and cat) Friendly and Beautiful Beaches

"foo-foo" dog bowl on Worth Ave, Palm Beach

In spite of what you may think, our 4th of July weekend did not just consist of sashaying about "foo-foo" places and gawking.  Well, we did gawk, but it was at some of nature's finest work.

First we had to survive the car drive there with two dogs and - yes, Darcy. 

No problem for Miss D and Panda, but for Sadie, oh no, thunderstorms.

She does not like her thunderstorms....

No problem for Darcy!  Relax Sadie!

What a trooper!  I have never had such a relaxed traveling cat.  Darcy is game for anything.

Car ride - no problem.

Hotel?  Let's just kick back with Mr. Tennis.

The Bostons had a great time at the beach.  Palm Beach County welcomes them in many areas. 

Didn't take many pictures because it was too much to juggle chairs, the dogs and keep a camera sand-free, but trust me, Sadie and Panda held their own with the big boys (labs! You know those water dog-types).  Can you say " body-surfing "?- they did it!

Of course we had to eat here! Bye-bye Atkins...


Look at that cool guy..

One of the most beautiful places we visited during our stay was a portion of this area's beach that is preserved by The Nature Conservancy -  Blowing Rocks.

What a find this was.  I have never seen a beach like this in Florida. 
Who knew we had cliffs!  (okay, they are mini-but they were impressive!)

During low tide there are tide pools to explore.
And during high tide the fun starts with watching the ocean spray!

We were on foot that day and didn't hang around, but next time we will pack the chairs and stay several hours to see all aspects of this part of coastal Florida.

The beach area is accessed through a lovely walk through overhanging Sea Grape plants. 

The dunes are supported by them as well.

Any Floridian worth their salt knows that the intercoastal waterways of our peninsula are bordered and protected by the almost unimpenitrable Mangrove.  On that side of Blowing Rocks Park, The Nature Conservancy is encouranging new growth and is protective of this important part of our eco-system.  I had not seen Mangroves in their infancy before.

A fun weekend to kick off a busy month for our family.  We are expecting The Writer and his fiancee, Sammy here towards the end of the month for some pre-wedding activities.  Next weekend The Maven and I will attend a baby shower for my neice and then we look towards August when we have some vacation plans.


Chatty Crone said...

Great pictures and I love the colors and the views. How nice they had water for the doggies. All the little ones just staring at you - looking with love and security. You and your hubby are so cute. Looks like you ALL have a great time.

Angela said...

Sigh.... If only Florida wasn't so far to drive! I'd love to take a walk on the beach. We did drive it many years ago and it about killed us! lol And now you just don't want to fly because I don't want a free physical! lol

Have a Great Day!

Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

It looks so nice. What a great find of a dog friendly resort, I have never really heard of any here in Ontario where I live.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Ah! vacation.
Wondering what that is like...Pat

Mr. Connor said...

Things are going to start going to start building towards " The Wedding' are there other things that are needed that WE can help with before the big day ? ? ? ?

Linda said...

I love seeing your photos, Ann! Darcy WAS so good! Did you bring the thundershirt? I loved seeing The Breakers on your previous post, too!

Olive Cooper said...

Your cat does travel well. Clovis travels between our houses. He gets in that carrier and goes to sleep. The beach with the mini cliff is quire pretty. I am glad you all had a good time.