Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nake! Nake!

Look who the dogs brought out of hiding yesterday in the backyard - a small black slider.  Of course, I say that calmly now because I looked it up after scrambling to get them into the house and away from the "nake". He is a non-venomous "nake" who feeds on insects and small rodents so we let him be and hope he will eat some mosquitos and any rodentia slinking about.

So, I know you are asking, "what is this woman's problem.  That is obviously a snake.  What's with the "nake" business".

It's the first thing that flew into my head when I saw him.  When my daughter, The Maven, was about 3 or 4 she couldn't pronounce "s" in combination with another letter.

One day at the park she yelled out "Nake, Nake". I had no idea what she was trying say until I saw the snake she had spotted.  I started noticing other words after that.  

When her brother would bother her she would say "top, top".  Or "Tay away from me".  

I guess I could have an endless list, but be assured that now at 22 she is saying those words properly.  

Now I just have to get my 26 year old son to explain to me why he called bicycles "gawgwees"....


Chatty Crone said...

Memories are a great thing aren't they?

And I guess that snake was really one of the good guys!

Janie Fox said...

haha we still call Maggie- Gig or The Gig b/c Abbie couldn't say her name and it stuck. I detest snakes.

Mr. Connor said...

Didn't you have a brother who had trouble saying "sweater ? " Runs in the family !

Orlando Grandma said...

I had miss the "nake" blog, O took me a long time living in Florida to learn that garden snakes were friends and were to be left alone.