Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Birthday Girl!

Graduation, May 2007

We have been lucky enough to have a young lady come into our lives via her relationship with our son, The Writer.  Not only is she a beautiful woman on the outside, but she has a rare beauty on the inside that is apparent to all who meet her.

The Writer and Sammy, LA August 2007

I knew when The Writer shyly (or was that slyly?) said he'd like to bring home a girl he'd been dating for us to meet that she would be special.  Any doubts I had about how this "new girl" would get along with our quirky family were erased the first time she stepped into our house.  The first thing you notice about her is her winning smile and beautiful curly hair.  And her eyes, they are the friendliest eyes.

There they are again, LA 2007

The real test came several months later.  We had planned a long weekend in St. Augustine and The Writer and Sammy were to join Mr. T, The Maven and I.  We had a small motel room with 2 double beds and one leaky inflatable mattress.  We would be in tight quarters for three days and she didn't know us that well.

St. Augustine 2006 - weekend of the litmus test

Easy peasy for Sammy. One bathroom for 5 people? Not a problem.  Sharing a bed with The Maven and then having to listen to The Boston Lady and Mr. Tennis snore? Not a problem.  Playing games on one of the beds while Mr. Tennis lay in the other one wearing his Rolling Stones boxers?  Not a problem.  This was our type of girl!  Nothing phased her! She ate real food! She was up for any adventure thrown her way.

So, Sammy, you may not have realized it, but we did.  That St. Augustine weekend in that dismal motel room was a litmus test that you passed with flying colors.  And it has just gotten better ever since.

What a gracious hostess you are when we visit you and The Writer in LA.  You both find fun things for us to do while we are visiting and suggest the best restaurants!  Who can forget the UCB and Mr. T?  Going to see "Wicked" - your treat, Dancing with Mr. T. at the Madonna Inn? Pedalling that crazy four-person bike in Santa Barbara?  Tip-toeing around The Dacha in Venice Beach? 

Santa Barbara 2009.  Sammy sitting in the kiddie seat up front - becuz SHE could fit!

You know who they are...

We look forward to toasting you for many more birthdays in the future and to us, you are family.

Sammy and the "other man" in her life, Stanley. April 2010

Happy Birthday Sammy
May 7

Hey, Check out blog!  Bite Me .She is a fantastic cook, who likes to experiment and make the dishes she prepares relate to the people and events in her life. What a journey she's been on the last couple of years!


Alan said...

Happy Birthday Sammy! You've brought a lot of fun and excitement into the family and I thank you for that.

Sue said...

Sammy sounds like a very special girl! I have two daughters, and a son who is the youngest. Thankfully, my boy Bryce married a great girl, Justine. They live with me and now their baby girl Morgan is in our lives as well!! I feel very lucky to have the family that I do!
Take care, Sue

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I love that hair! I can't help but think she looks like a younger version of the lovely Orlando Grandma.

Mr. Decor was wondering is Mr. Tennis was humming "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" while wearing his boxers. :)

Happy Mother Day~ everyday.

KarenSue said...

Well she has to be special sharing her birthday with my Manda! So Happy Birthday to Sammy. I will hop on over to her blog and tell her there also.
And I don't know what I won. It will be a surprise I guess.
Happy Mothers day to you!

Sammy said...

Thanks so much to the Boston Lady and everyone for the birthday wishes!!! It was a great one! Happy Mothers day to you all as well :]

Janie Fox said...

what a cutie...she sounds divine!