Sunday, May 30, 2010

California Dreamin'

Started the day out with a delicious breakfast al fresco and then loaded up Stanley into The Sacred Cow for a trip to the beach.

We drove down to the Long Beach area which has a new dog beach.

With the beautiful 70 degree weather the Floridians didn't even feel the heat of the sun and managed to get slight sunburns.  Tsk, tsk, we should know better.

Stanley went for his very first, if not unintentional swim, and I managed to capture it on the video setting on my camera.  This will be my first attempt at linking a video, so hope it works. 

Big Stanley capped off his big swim with a fancy bath at a nearby dog wash tended by his faithful owners.


Orlando Grandma said...

Ann you did a great job capturing Stan going in the water. It was fun watching it.You are getting too good. You better get back home before the filming industry grabs you. love to all

Alan said...

Nice work on the StanCam. Looks like fun. I bet the water was cool.

Sue said...

Hey, your in my "hood"! You need to take Stan down (south) like 20 minutes away to the dog beach there! Beach is nicer as our the waves. It was warmer yesterday, but today was really nice as well! Glad you are enjoying our SoCal sunshine!

Take care, Sue