Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day Two - or The Sacred Cow Does Texas

Okay, that's supposed to be the Texas star and various flags, including the state flag, in the background.  What matters more?  Picture quality, or that The Sacred Cow was there as well as Thelma & Louise?

We were there, we swear:

The day started out with me waking up before our alarm (which ended up being good, because I had forgotten to set it - I have no idea why that happened).  We drove through Louisianna (on elevated highways above bayous-what an incredible road system.) up until about noon when we crossed over to the Texas stateline.

What a state this is (although a big one, as it will take us two days to get thru it!).  Beautiful big sky and clouds:

Interesting signs:

And sights, (can anyone tell us what THIS might be, or mean?):


(I personally found this one to be the most intriguing, but haven't had time to look it up! You Texans are fantastic!)

And what is this place?  We saw billboard, after billboard about it:

And then The Boston Lady and The Maven got a little bored and took weird pictures of themselves (hey, it was a long day!):

But, then we saw this:

Nice windmill shot by Thelma through the windshield.  And then cornfield after cornfield:

We are in the outskirts of San Antonio tonight watching The American Idol final performances.  Hey, priorities, people.  Tomorrow we will get up a little later and then visit The Alamo before hitting the road again.  We hope to end somewhere about 6pm (hey, we need to relax a bit before the Idol results!) which will probably be somewhere in Texas, a lovely, large, exhausting state.

This will be the view from our rearview mirror, but we will see a lot of different things in front of us!  Mainly New Mexico and Arizona.

Thelma and Louise, out. (And The Sacred Cow)

P.S. special shout out to Orlando Grandma who provided us with some ""tip" money.  Has already come in handy on Ferry, unexpected tolls and almost used at Harrah's in N.O We left disgusted that they wouldn't accept anything less than a five dollar bill - all those quarters I had!.  Just proves the point that it doesn't pay to gamble. But we were able to tip pizza guy tonite!


Prior said...

hmmm, I am from Texas and I don't know nuttin' you are askin'. Have fun! I hope you enjoy our State! Lezlee

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

This is hilarious.

Ok... well, I'm guessing your driving through South Central Texas...and apparently there's a Buc-ee's on every corner or at least a billboard for one.

Never heard of 'em.

and they certainly don't have 'em in SouthEast Texas... which happens to be hours away from where you are!
let me tell you...
It takes roughly about 13 hours for me to drive from my house in Kaufman County, TX to... Alpharetta, GA. THIRTEEN! ... 4 states away. 4 of those hours are just to get the heck out of Texas!
I can drive 11 1/2 hours from here to Brownsville, (border of texas and mexico) AND NEVER LEAVE THE STATE!

So... I've got nothing!

Sounds like your gonna see a lot of Texas tomorrow! (wednesday)

I looked up 'woman hollering creek'... interesting. Based on urban legend... so it varies according to culture. (which there happens to be a lot of here too)
I can;t really tell, but I think that pipe is a burn off pipe in an oil field somewhere.
Could be natural or crude. Those are all over. Especially out here near Corsicana- not too far from me.

And your interesting sign... that cracked me up. Cause that's normal too... especially if you're a SACRED COW FARMER! LOL

Now it would have cracked me up even more if it had said...HEY! sale... LOL!

Oh and here is a freebie-- you didn't ask for. The SIX FLAGS to fly over Texas as shown in your first photo are
Republic of Texas
Texas Confederate Flag
USA - American flag!

Sounds like a fun trip.

Y'all be safe!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh, I forgot to tell ya!

Welcome to Texas!

KarenSue said...

Your well on your way! You girls look like you are having fun. You also have some Texans following you!
I leave the 5th so I hope to see you next week.
Keep safe!

Orlando Grandma said...

Glad to hear you could use your tip money,In S.Antonio I sayed at that old hotel, looked English in the inside, by the Alamo and River Walk. Big state eh? Keep on driving you are doing good.

Sammy said...

Keep up the good work ladies!!! make the most of it :] i remember driving across the country, we always had to get to the hotel in time to watch a favorite show too. i specifically remember having to find a hotel with hbo in a small town so we could watch "big love". so fun! we are so excited to see you soon!