Monday, May 24, 2010

Thelma, Louise and The Sacred Cow - Day One

Well, Thelma got behind the wheel first at 6:30 this morning and we hit the road.  Although it was a long day, it was pretty problem-free other than the dodging of truck retreads which they do not seem clear from the roads in some states.

Of course Louise also took the wheel.  We traded off about every two hours.

We were well set for snacks, first aid and diversions thanks to SN and CG.  So, the time passed easily especially when you factor in a good audio book.

We went through four states today counting Florida and our most hilarious moments came from trying to get pictures in front of the "Welcome to..." signs.  Only my second time using my timer and little gorilla stand. 

Alabama and Mississippi required short stand being put on ground, timer engaged and then Boston Lady sprinting within 10 seconds to get the shots.  Of course the first time I hit the "off" button instead and sprinted, so a redo was necessary, hence the weird positioning in the Alabama shot.

And my strange hair...

Mississippi shot was an improvement, but we couldn't help cracking up:

And Thelma seems to have control of me once again.  Louisianna went better and was practically a drive-by shot as we could attach the gorilla legs to a flag pole and I had less distance to sprint:

Please ignore my "Wallace and Gromit" grin. (Fans will understand).

Most interesting experience pre-arrival in New Orleans (at 5:30 EST), the tunnel under the river in Biloxi, which Thelma managed to capture through the front window:

Oh, and it was pretty amusing that after we emerged from this tunnel we thought we were within 20 miles of New Orleans and got darn cocky about making such good time. Note to Selves:  Check extended menu on GPS.  It was 20 miles until we veered to the left and then 130!!! miles to N.O.  We learned a lesson.

Next lesson happens in about half an hour when The Maven and I head via ferry to the French Quarter for dinner and sight seeing. 

We made the Canal Street Ferry in good time and were able to take The Sacred Cow over to the French Quarter and park for FREE thanks to a nice local gentleman who had just dashed into a store for a moment and gave us his 12 hour parking spot.

We spent some time walking around and admiring the lovely architecture and looking for a place to eat.

We decided to try "Desire" a pretty little place,

Where the waitress talked me into having the Shrimp Grits.

Excellent choice. A week's worth of work at the gym.

We boarded our trusty ferry back to our side of The Mississippi River and relied on our mysterious GPS to guide us back to our hotel.  Considering all the twisting and turning we did trying to find the ferry for the trip over, The Maven and I didn't have much faith.

We made it back, but not before we glided by this spooky scene at one of New Orleans' famous cemeteries with the above ground tombs and crypts.

Thelma and Louise safely signing off for Day One. 

Next two days will be a lot of Texas...


Linda said...

You did a lot in one day! New Orleans is a fun city!

KarenSue said...

You did it! I'm so glad you are able to blog along the way. It really is a love hate thing for those GPS's. Keep safe and I see you are having fun. Been thinking about you!

Orlando Grandma said...

Your post is the next best thing to being there, take care and do not take any wooden nickels. Always be on the alert. Take care

Lindsey said...

I love this post! It brings back so many memories! I cannot wait to hear more :]