Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yes, We Remember The Alamo and Now We've Actually Seen It! (Day III)

We were there. When they opened. And it was such a beautiful place to start the day.

We watched a short film that explained the valiant efforts of the defenders of The Alamo, and how they never gave up.  This is obviously a trait that defines the great state of Texas.  We have been so impressed with not just it's vastness, but the determination and drive the early settlers must have had to travel by much more modest means through the rugged terrain than we have this week

The gardens within the walls of The Alamo, which originally was a mission, are lush and unique.

We love our oaks in Orlando and we found several dignified, sprawling beauties in this special place. This particular oak was planted at The Alamo in 1912 when it was 40 years old.  There is a placque describing the transplanting process for well-established trees, something that the people of San Antonio didn't think was possible.  This tree has proven them wrong.

And many "odd to us" looking plants.  Cacti and succulents I believe.  Not everything was labeled and I haven't had time to look them up online, but they are worthy without description.

This happy little fellow had such a great time playing in this pretty fountain formed with stones.

Thelma and Louise had to get back on the road in order to make El Paso by sundown.  After leaving San Antonio, the geography changed dramatically, from flat land and extended views to small rocky hills, dramatic rock formations, spectacular cuts to accommodate the roadway and then, now here near El Paso, flat, desert-like conditions.  Complete with that dry heat.

We made good time, probably because we could go this fast, if we chose to.  Wow. And yes, at times I did choose to.

Funniest, quirkiest thing of the day?  Because there always is something funny.  The pretty and unusual bathrooms at the rest areas.  Thelma, we aren't in Florida anymore.

I was stunned that they took the time to put such beautiful tile work in.  This one is in the ladies room somewhere along Route 10.  And look at the view from the bathroom stall in the next one we stopped at:

Another mural and look at that sky!

We came upon a section where there were a large number of these windmill type contraptions.  This picture makes them look a bit ominous, but I know they are helping Texans explore new energy sources.

And we spotted our first train!

Thelma and I finally sailed into El Paso so we could put up our spurs and relax.  And yes, we did make it in time for the Idol results. ( Our pick won in case anyone cares)

As for The Sacred Cow, well it had a rough day on the road with all the dust and unpredictable roads.  Would they be straight?  Would there be hills? Would the winds kick up? (they did).  I'm afraid, in the case of The Sacred Cow, Texas was a bit of a blur.

Tomorrow we bid adios to Texas and move on to New Mexico and Arizona.  We should be able to travel a little more leisurely the next two days and we look forward to what those two days have in store for us.

Two things about back home:

#1  Go Magic!!!!!

#2  Mr. Tennis is managing the zoo at home quite well.  However he did send me this picture of Panda:

Apparently The Boston Lady is missed.  She really does have a face only a mother could love. doesn't she?  Hang in there Mr. Tennis.



KarenSue said...

I'm sure The Boston Lady is missed by all!
Still on route 10! Love the tour along the way. And don't go 80 anymore!

Orlando Grandma said...

Can you do NM in one day, I remember visiting "Carlsbad cavern" have not idea where they are located and it does take a couple of hours go walk thru, enyoy the "land of enchantment"Thanks for your call.

Alan said...

Looks like T and L are having a good trip. I didn't realize we were feeding so many animals! Good pix and commentary.

Zach said...

Wow. The Alamo looks spectacular. I'd like to make my way out there some time. Look forward to seeing you folks at my place tomorrow.