Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast

As Thelma and I have been getting our "stuff" together this week I came across this picture of The Maven when she was less than 2 years old.  We were probably packing to go visit grandma and grandpa as that was usually as exotic as our travels got back in those days.  She was always the most excited and of course, had to be in the thick of things.

She's grown up so fast and is now about to have a big adventure.  They don't stay small for long!
Rita The Wren must be saying the same thing to herself these days.  I decided to take another paparazzi shot of "the babies" and was stunned at how much they've matured since I last photographed them about a week ago. I got two fairly decent shots from my difficult angle, take a look:

Now their eyes are open and they did not move a feather while I was setting up my stalker shot.  They never cheep or make any kind of sound, that's why I had to look and make sure they were still there.

I imagine they will take flight while Thelma & Louise are tooling across the country and I hate to miss it!  But I'd rather be accompanying my baby bird on the first part of her adventure.

Meanwhile, someone seems to be trying to ignore the fact that I will be leaving soon:

The Boston Lady always comes back to her Bostons, Sadie.


KarenSue said...

Oh yes they do! Sent my baby back to Montana yesterday, she missed her connection and had to spend the night in Denver BY HERSELF! Took Em to Valencia to sign up for summer school. And yours is going away for the whole summer! They grow up fast and we do always come back to the animals. Be safe and enjoy the trip if I don't talk to you.

Linda said...

Time really DOES fly...way too fast! Your pup is adorable...our dogs always seem to know when we are getting ready to leave, too!