Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jane!

This is the last time we saw each other.  September 2008.  We met in Charleston, SC and had ourselves a "girls week".  The first time we saw each other we were 7 years old and in second grade at Harrison Road Public School in Toronto, Canada.  I moved to Florida in 1974 and Jane still lives in Toronto.

Although we don't talk or correspond as often as we should, we still think of each other a lot.  She is like a sister to me.  We both were the baby girls in our families with two older brothers.  She was the extrovert, I, the introvert.  Every day in Junior High, we would meet at a certain corner in the morning and trudge to the school together.  Sometimes in very deep snow.  But always, we met at the corner and faced that school together.  Just as we have faced a lot of things together throughout the years, although many miles apart.

We have always shared a love of books and in particular, "Gone With The Wind", see this older post here , which prompted our trip to Charleston (home of Rhett Butler) and Savannah, home to everything else southern.

We visited plantations such as this:

(since we couldn't go to Tara)

Stayed in a Bed and Breakfast where Jane's bed looked like this:

And mine like this:

Where the view out our window looked like this:

And the parks had fountains like this:

We toured the Mercer House:

Which was featured in this book and movie:

Oh, and we had our share of funny drinks like this:

And one of these, because afterall, we were in THE SOUTH:

Well, and besides all of that, as I always have said, if The Bostons like you, then you must be okay, but I have known that for almost 45 years. 

Wow, that picture was taken almost 8 years ago.  We have all changed. I wish I had been able to put an old picture of us on here, but I haven't gotten that far in my exploration of old slides and pictures.  But please be assured, we were both adorable, weren't we Jane?

Thanks Jane for being my friend for so many years and sharing so many of my life experiences.
 Happy Birthday, April 3!!! It's always fun when you turn 35.

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Orlando Grandma said...

There are friendshipas that last forever.What a special get together you had.