Wednesday, April 14, 2010

True Confessions

Well, it's taken me almost a week to admit to this.  Some will nod their heads in an understanding fashion.  Others will shake their heads in disbelief.  There may even be some snorts of disgust, but I don't care.  I had fun and it satisfied my inner-reality-show-fangirl. 

My good friend CG agreed to accompany me to the Hard Rock Live where we would see a taping of:

I know, I know.  How could I subject her to such drivel?  I had even vowed not to watch this show ever again, but when the offer of free tickets came, I couldn't pass it up.

That's the number hours we spent waiting to get in, getting seated, filming audience reaction shots (before there was anything to react to) and finally watching, for the most part, non-talent.  We saw about twelve acts and CG and I figured maybe two were worth a second look.  I don't know how much they pay the "judges", but it must be a lot for them to sit through it all over and over again.

Good things: 

 Seeing the funny Sharon Osbourne up close.  CG even got to shake her hand.  She was just as she appears to be on the show. No Diva behavior and gives constructive criticism.

Good Thing #2:

Watching CG fist bump new judge Howie Mandel, who, by the way, rambles quite a bit when giving his opinions.

Good Thing #3:

When the dry-witted Piers Morgan told the guy who's act was to strip down to bikini briefs that his talent was very small.

Good Thing #4:

There was no Hoff to Hassle. Run-at-the-mouth Howie was an improvement.

So, although CG and I had some fun, we decided that it would be our last time attending a TV taping unless it was a live event.  Or she could fist bump George Clooney.

Now, if they only would hold the American Idol Finale here.....


Sue said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sharon Osborn. Do you remember several years ago when she had the daytime talk show? It was a favorite of mine!
Take care, Sue

KarenSue said...

Happy Birthday to my friend!
Sounds like fun but I don't think I would do the 5 hour wait.
Glad you and CG had fun.

KarenSue said...

check out my blog please