Thursday, April 22, 2010

Harry Potter, You Can Come Pick Up Your Chairs Now...

Today was the day. Today was the day I stopped by the thrift store and they had "my" chairs.  The ones I've been waiting a long time for.  The ones I vowed I wouldn't pay more than $5 a chair for.

I actually went in to see if they had a used litter box to use as a second one for the felines while Mr. Tennis and I have a little vacation in South Florida next week.  So, in I walked clutching a $20 dollar bill, just hoping for a somewhat clean, used covered litter box.  None to be found so I just took a stroll around and there they were.

Six chairs. $35. For all six. I had $20. I was afraid to leave because as we all know if you walk away, they are gone in a minute.  Mr. Tennis was on an appointment so I called my trusty partner-in-crime, CG.  She came flying over clutching another $20 bill and we loaded "my" chairs up into each of our cars.

My blogging friend, Karensue, even showed up there too after I texted her in my excitement.  She's a master thrifter and I knew she'd be proud of me!

Doesn't that just make your head stop hurting?  I didn't realize how busy those "Harry" chairs made my dining area look.  My new friends need some work.  The big questions are:  do I keep the woven seats? Do I do a painting finish on the wood?  If I keep the woven seats (which are in good shape) should I put cushions on top for comfort?

After vacation I will ponder these options.  But right now, my eyes are very restful and I'm waiting for Harry to come pick up his chairs and take them to Hogswart.



Linda said...

OH, you scored! Great find...fabulous price!!

KarenSue said...

So exciting! I'm just so proud of you. Sit on them fo a while and it come to you. And I heard about Stanley from Mr Tennis. And he looks so cute on your last blog.
Also, we make a potty box out of a large plastic storage. It works well.
Have a fun weekend!

Casual (dash) Cottage said...

Wow! those are really great chairs. I love the rush seating...(woven, whichever) they are just the right scale for your dining area!

Not too bad an exchange...and you didn't go toooo far over budget!...he he he

Donatella said...


Orlando Grandma said...

Good find. You may want to sit the old ones out over the weekend with a sign with the price on it, who knows H.P may just fly by an take them. .That is how I foud mine.I like the woven effect,it is usually confortable.