Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Rainy Sunday Musings in Boston World

Well, Mr. Tennis had to work a "table" at a healthcare event today so I was left to my own devices for a few hours.  Of course, I got nothing accomplished except to reflect back on a pretty nice weekend thanks to my family.

Had a great birthday dinner out with Mr. T, The Maven and Orlando G-ma at my new favorite restaurant in Winter Park, Dexter's.  Delish!

Saturday night Mr. T took me to see Cirque Du Soliel out at Disney Village.

Spectacular is an understatement when describing this experience!  The Fantastic Four had gone compliments of Orlando G-ma about 12 years ago and I never forgot certain elements of that show.  Twelve years later and it is just as exciting and amazing!  Everyone should see one of these shows in their lifetime if they can.

Since it was a late nite out at the Cirque (oh my, how foo-foo that sounds!) I was very lazy and did not get up until about 9:30am.  Made Mr. T some breakfast and sent him on his way.  Threw some sheets in the washing machine, bathed the ungrateful Bostons, took the same ingrates for a walk and then....

I indulged in a silly, scary movie that I had ordered from Netflix.  "The Stepfather". 

 An unfortunate title, because I know many stepdads in my acquaintance who are superb, but of course Hollywood has to make such a relationship sinister. A better title would have been "Friendly Stranger" or "The Guy I Met in the Grocery Store".  Nevertheless I was compelled to watch because I had seen the original and every once in awhile I like a scary, ungory, movie.  Ha, ha, notice I watched it in the light of day.  Unless you are compelled, this is one to be skipped. Not "Full Price Worthy", but fun for a rainy Sunday on my own.

After watching this marginal flick I reflected on a much better murder mystery story that Mr. T and I ordered at the suggestion of The Writer and Sammy.  It was not a work of fiction, but a documentary. Little did I know when we started watching it that it would feature my favorite poster which is prominently displayed in our house.

This lovely poster resides over the four-legged inhabitant's "feeding station", if you will,  in our house.

Since our own black cat, Susie, quite resembles the cat in this poster, it just seemed right to have it overlooking the area where everyone, who is anyone, dines in this house.

But I digress. The documentary we ordered, via Netflix, was "The Staircase". A murder mystery based on real events, complete with footage of conversations with the "alleged" murderer and the subsequent trial.  Not for the delicate constitution, but what a fascinating look into the the legal process and into the mind of an accused murderer.

What is the connection to "susie's" poster you ask?  Well, as I discovered while watching all nine, yes nine, hours of this addictive documentary, "my" poster was at the bottom of said staircase. Chills, people, chills.

My Rainy Sunday ramblings have taken a rather macabre turn and that is unintentional because although it rained today there was a lot to be grateful for.  Mainly that I didn't have to haul the sprinkler out to "set" the new plantings I did this week out front:

Hope they make it!  I transplanted part of the boxwood that lined our half wall into the backyard and filled in the spots with some new plants that I hope will thrive in the morning sun they receive.

Also, while coming and going this busy weekend I spied "Rita The Staghorn Wren"!  She (or her mate) have been stashing my yardwork castoffs in one of our recycling bins!  I was able to capture one of them in the act (take note, when photos are taken under survelliance circumstances they are not of the best quality):

Can you see "Rita" there? Above the black thing, above the orange thing?  How appalling!

Anyway, this is where we discovered "she" was building her nest from pilfered twigs:

But there's more!  After all, The Orlando Magic have made it into the playoffs and Sadie and Mr. Tennis are just SO excited:

THIS is the year we take the national title!!!!  Sadie says so.

I leave you with two final pictures from my rainy Sunday musings:

A beautiful rose bush given to me for my bday by my second son's mom. See here. I am looking for the perfect spot to plant it. This wonderful lady gave me a rose bush each time my mother passed away and then my father.  A more frivilous note:  it was at their NC get-away that I first spied "my" poster - the "susie" one!  Hope I can keep this beautiful rose bush alive.

I want to thank my family for making this a special birthday weekend.  I received a funny, appropriate t-shirt from The Writer - need a picture - that will come.  My beautiful Maven spent the entire day with me and gave me the gift of her company as well as an awesome DVD.  Orlando Gma threw herself into our madness and attended a trendy birthday dinner at Dexter's.  Next time we will make you stay for the band!  I've already told her how I've spent my JC Penney's gift card! Shhh, secrets! Mr. Tennis, as always, made me feel like a queen.  He is so special and I loved my La Nouba evening!  Sammy is promising me a mystery gift of which I have only had a glance. My good friend CC gave me a beautiful hanging flower basket which I will showcase in a later blog when the lighting is better.  I have another good friend, SN, who doesn't even know this blog exists, but might one day, she left a gorgeous flower bouquet for me on my front porch along with good wishes.  My brothers, who are always there for me, gave me phone calls, emails and good wishes.  I appreciate them both very much.  And to Richard, you know I will be using my B & N card to the fullest extent!

I would say Boston Lady out, but when I came in to type this post, I found my blog partner had overstepped her boundaries:

She is clearly trying to take my place, so..... Bumby out.


Alan said...

I enjoyed seeing La Nouba. It's an interesting mix of circus, broadway and gymnastics.

KarenSue said...

I love reading your posts. I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday because you are one special lady.
Don't you just love days like today.
I think the kitty in the poster looks like my skinny Binky. How do you take a picture of Bumby and type at the same time? You are amazing.

Orlando Grandma said...

La Nouba preformance is always a great treat. your B DAY sounds like you had a great day. dinner at Dexter was fun.We left just on time, before the band started to play......just looking at them I was wondering what the out put would be. Kidding apart, I am tough I could have taken it. As always it is a super treat for me every time I get together with you,my dearest people

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Happy belated birthday Mrs. Boston! You know how much I adore the Fashionista's stepfather. Actually, we are not allowed to use such terms. She calls him Big Daddy. :)
Here's a secret. I can't watch scary movies. Eric didn't believe me and I finally let him take me to see The Sixth Sense (years ago). For the next two weeks he endured me waking up screaming. We haven't been to a scary film since~sense.