Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a Rough Lifestyle Here in SOBE

Things I've learned while visiting the South Beach, Miami Beach area:

The SOBE drinks originated here. SOBE being short for South Beach.  I had no idea!

The drinks really ARE this big, no optical illusion. (Those are "Shark on the Beach" by the way)

It rains here sometimes when you are on vacation:

"The Losers" wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and a good way to pass a rainy afternoon.  The movie was only interrupted twice by fire alarms, flashing lights and directions to exit the building.  I thought it was part of the movie the first time.

We can wake up the next day to beautiful weather and make some new friends:

Sadie and her new buddy, 2 month old Rocco.

There are very large condominiums here:

We can't afford to live in them:

But that's okay because we can enjoy the view.  That's Fisher Island. Oprah, Tom Cruise, Shakira and Julia Roberts have condos over there.  It can only be reached via boat, ferry or helicopter - my how limited their options are. LOL

But Elizabeth Taylor has a house here:

And so does Gloria Estefan:

And Julio Iglesias, who uses his one week out of the year:

If you own a drug (legitimate) company, you can own the most expensive peice of property on "Star" Isand.  $50 Million.  Then you can purchase the lot next door for $15 million for your personal garden and greenhouse.  Sheesh.  Just think of what could be done with that amount of money if not spent on one person's whims.  Pretty, though.

Ocean Drive is a fun place to hang out at night and is prime people watching real estate:

Especially when the MTV show "Jersey Shore" decides to film some "reality" scenes with Snookie and Mike, "The Situation" at the restaurant you have chosen to enjoy a nice quiet dinner in:

Snookie in all her trucker hat, cleavage baring glory:

Although why a show called "Jersey Shore" is filming in Miami Beach is beyond my reasoning.  Ladies and Gentlemen, "The Situation":

I think I will stick to taking pictures of the parrots that fly free here and the pretty palm trees with the moon:

I've taken lots of pictures of the beautiful art deco buildings in the area, both in the daylight and at night.  I am dealing with a dial-up internet connection so picture uploading takes a good bit of time, but I hope to have my next post highlight some of that beautiful architecture.

In the meantime,

Boston Lady out.


Casual (dash) Cottage said...

Ha! great had me laughing... 'very large condominiums...we can't afford to live in them."
Short and to the point.
I noticed how you curbed your enthusiasm over the restaurant,uhm, I mean over "the situation" during your nice quiet dinner...
You're a riot!

Anonymous said...

HI! Thanks for your always sweet comments on my postings!
I've read through all yours and it sound like you have a really fun life, especially your vacation - wow! Your home is warm and cozy and love your puppies!
Can't wait to read about some more of your adventures ~

Sausha @ {show and tell} said...

thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog!

I am so jealous of your vacation and i had no idea of what "sobe" standed for either :)

And you left a question about my pillow on my header picture - its actually a pillow that my great grandma made and i have been eyeing ever since i was little @ my grandmas house - she finally gave it to me about a year ago! I did see a tutorial somewhere on how to make them but i didnt save it that i know of.

Linda said...

Looks like you are having a great time! Amazing homes!

Orlando Grandma said...

How did a miss a Sobe,(what does it have in it) when I was down there, maybe the fact that we had 7 kids with us.Iknow Maria kept looking towards the bars but we were out numbered so the mayority won.

Orlando Grandma said...

I am ejoying your posts is the next thing to be there.
Did I ever tell you that I visited Julio Iglesias place. It had to do with a friend of mine,Nieves from Spain who was visiting me
she had been Julio's father nurse. His mother Charo was down here,Julio was not in town, Carlos his brother was, we were invited.It is a long story I tell it to you someday.