Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stan the Man

You may remember a post I did back in December, about a visit from some greyhounds.  The Writer and Sammy have actually added a member to the Boston Lady's family today!  His name is Stanley and he is a rescued greyhound from the Los Angeles area.

I don't have too many deets yet, but those will be forthcoming.  I just had to honor Stanley's place in the family by having a special post devoted to him.  AND, I have a picture to share:

Okay, I couldn't stop at just one:

Welcome to the family, Stanley.  We're a little crazy, but you'll get used to us!


Linda said...

Hi~thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog! I have enjoyed reading yours, too, and just love your pups! I don't know if you saw my dogs on my sidebar, but I have two pugs that think they rule the house...I'm looking forward to reading more! I'm your newest follower!

Alan said...

There's a definite resemblance between Stanley and his new master. All he needs is a pair of glasses.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

There is nothing more loyal than a rescued dog. Welcome Stan!

Orlando Grandma said...

I like "Stan the Man", but most important the kids will enjoy having him around.

Sammy said...

Stanley looks forward to meeting the Bostons some day! Also, I am so glad you watched the staircase...sooooooooo crazy right?