Saturday, April 24, 2010

Uncle Larry

Here are two very young men.  One-year-old Mr. Tennis and his Uncle Larry.  I first met Larry when Mr. T and I first started dating.  He would spend most of his weekends at the lake with Gramps. 

So, this is the picture I usually have in mind when I think of this very special man:

Relaxing in the hammock, strung between two pine trees down by the lake.  If Larry wasn't clearing the yard or out in the boat, you could usually find him here in this tranquil spot with a smile on his face.

Larry passed away just a couple of years ago and we still miss his gentle presence.  All the years I knew him he would say "Hi Ann", shake my hand and look at me with the same crooked smile that his father had.

Happy Birthday Day Uncle Larry!
April 24th


Alan said...

Larry was a gentle giant and a good man. He is missed.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh, it is always good to remember.

You cracked me up with the Sarah Palin craft room comment. :)

Orlando Grandma said...

I remembered uncle Larry in my prayers today.
I will always remember that he tought me how to water ski. He was quite avid in the watere in those days.
You and your famili made a difference in his life when it counted. In his name I say Thank you again.Whereve He is He is smiling upon you.